Verification of Electronic Signatures

Official signatures issued by TU Graz

Currently there are 2 different versions:

1. Official Signatures Via TUGRAZonline

This version of the official signature of Graz University of Technology is issued with the root certificate A-Trust-Qual-02 and the intermediate certificate a-sign-corporate-light-02.
You can also download these certificates from the A-Trust homepage.

2. Official Signatures Via

This official signature version is issued with the certificate chain of the corporate signature (see below).

Company Signatures Issued by TU Graz

Graz University of Technology also uses a corporate signature in the area of accounting, this uses (like the police and other authorities of the BMI) as root certificate A-Trust-Root-07 and as intermediate certificate a-sign-corporate-07

Mobile Phone Signature

The necessary certificates should be pre-installed in many programs - e. g. Adobe Reader (DC), A-Trust-Root-05 is used as root certificate and a-sign-premium-mobile-05 as intermediate certificate.

Signatures of Other Companies

Other companies or universities may use certificates issued by a provider that your program may not (yet) trust.
If you don't want to get the hint every time that there is a problem with the signatures, you can also install the associated root and if necessary the associated intermediate certificate for these certificates, your communication partner should send you the certificates or better a link to a trustworthy download page for this.

However, truly legally valid signatures are probably only possible with qualified electronic signatures (such as the mobile phone signature in Austria) and these should already be pre-installed.

Installing Root and Intermediate Certificates

Adobe Reader DC